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Eagle Fire Protection

Friday, 16 March 2018

Common Causes Of Home Fire Incidents

Fire incidents in industrial and residential places are increasing by the day due to many reasons. From human error to faulty/malfunctioning fire safety equipment, fire incidents can and have caused a massive loss of life and property. A house can easily catch fire due to the misuse of appliance and heating equipment, or even smoking in bedrooms. Dry climates and soaring temperatures are ideal conditions for fire to break out. When fire breaks out, you seek for a safe place and call fire services Sydney as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Sydney

As a responsible homeowner, you should take the responsibility of making a necessary fire safety arrangements and minimizing or even eliminating the common causes of home fire incidents which are as follows.

Cooking Equipment: Pots and pans can overheat quite quickly and cause a fire in short time. Usually, such incidents happen when a person doing the cooking gets distracted and leave pots or pans on the gas unattended for sometime. Always pay attention to cooking and do not leave cooking unattended. Ask someone to attend your cooking in case you'll have to leave it unattended for sometime.

Heating: Some people place room heaters too close to objects that can catch fire from heaters. You should maintain the gap of at least one meter between a heater and things which can catch fire quickly, like curtains, laundry, furniture, clothes and even yourself. Get your furnace inspected once a year to ensure that it is in fine working condition.

Smoking in Bedrooms: Smoking in bedrooms is not a safe or healthy habit. Bedroom is not a place for such things because if a cigarette is not put out properly, it could cause fire flames because it may come into contact with flammable materials.

Electrical Equipment:
Electrical appliances can cause fire due to faulty or frayed chord. An overloaded power point can cause fire from an overuse of electricity. Double check the power points and appliances in your home.

Coming to conclusion, you should install automatic fire sprinkler systems Sydney in your home as a fire prevention tool to safeguard your home against potential fire threat.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Fire Protection Service Prevents Greater Fire Damage

For securing your home or business premises, it is not enough to have a handful of fire extinguishers. The fact is that fire extinguishers may come handy when fire is relatively small and can be controlled without resorting to calling a local fire department, but when it comes to dealing with harsh fire that threatens to spread widely and quickly, you need an automated Fire Protection Service to prevent fire from spreading and control it till the time local fire department arrives to eliminate it completely. Installing advanced fire security equipment is important, and more important is their routine inspection and maintenance to ensure that they work at their full capacity when and if the need arises. 
Fire Protection Service
Many people used to ignore ''inspection'' and ''maintenance'' of their fire security systems in the past, only to regret later when they found out that inefficient and ill-maintained fire safety equipment fails to control fire in time. Are you prepared to wait for the local fire department to arrive fully-equipped to deal with harsh fires? Local fire fighters also need time to reach at your location and traffic jams en-route don't help your cause. Every minute is crucial in such dangerous situations and if you have efficient fire safety system installed in your building, you can keep fire at bay until firefighters arrive. Many a times people have speculated if they had an efficient Fire Protection system in place, they would have fought the fire themselves. They could have prevented or minimized the damage to their property, serious injuries, or even lives of their loved ones.

You should be well-equipped to face the challenge posed by fire by yourself. For this, you need to contact a reputable and professional fire protection and maintenance service provider who can visit your building and assess its fire fighting needs and requirements. They can also inspect your existing fire security system and carry out repairs (if any) to ensure it is in fine working condition. They can also prepare an annual fire safety statement of your building to verify that it complies with the latest fire safety norms laid down by local fire security agencies.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Know About Fire Sprinkler Systems Sydney

Fire Sprinkler Systems Sydney are extremely effective in preventing a fire to escalate and expand its damage area. These are useful in both residential and commercial building, especially when owner or other people using the particular building are not present inside the building. Fire sprinkler system involves multiple water sprinkler heads connected to a single water pipe that supplies water separately to each and every sprinkler. It is a well designed system to control fires in residential and commercial properties.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Sydney

Each system is designed differently for the building that it is going to be installed in. The reason is that each building's layout plan is different from another. Therefore, each building has its own escape routes and assigned places to install a fire protection system. Each and every aspect of building design and its contents is considered before designing an individual water sprinkler system. To understand a water sprinkler system, we need to go back to the basics.

Fire sprinkler systems include three main components;
  1. The Water Supply
  2. The Control Valve Set
  3. The installation of water pipes and sprinklers.

A sprinkler system is totally dependent on the water supply it gets to work effectively. The first thing before you go ahead with the installation is to check the quality of the water supply. There have been instances when installation of water sprinkler systems is of no use because of insufficient water supply. Right pressure and right flow is the foremost requirement of the sprinkler system.

Once you have the water supply to the building, you need to install the control valve set, which can be used either to release the water supply or shut it off if sprinklers are activated falsely. The installation of water pipes and sprinkler heads is very important part of the installation process as right connectivity is needed to ensure that each and every water sprinkler head gets the right amount of water supply at appropriate pressure.

Annual Fire Safety Statement
is an essential task that you need to get done from a reputable and reliable fire protection and maintenance service provider for ensuring that your building is compliant with existing fire safety norms.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Fire Services Sydney Keeps Your Building Fire-Proof

Having an advanced and effective fire safety and prevention plan in your building is a must not only to handle fire situation but also to escape the clutches of law, which can be very strict if your building doesn't comply with determined fire safety rules and regulations. Just having handful of fire extinguishers placed in your building won't do much in case the fire is big and threatening. The best you could do is to contact a recognized fire services Sydney and schedule an appointment with its executives to assess your building's current fire arrangements.

Inspection of your current fire system is a task that is best left to experts. They have the required knowledge and expertise that is needed to assess each building's fire safety requirements and then chalk out a fire-proof safety plan that can keep it and its occupants safe from the threat of fire. There is a wide range of services that are offered by a leading Sydney fire service company including instalment and maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire doors, fire detection and alarms, evacuation systems, occupant warning systems, exit and emergency lights etc. You can get any type of service that you deem most suitable for your fire safety needs.

Apart from installing aforementioned equipment in your building, a pioneer fire safety company also offers maintenance and testing, preparation of annual fire safety statement, gas suppression systems, fire order compliance, BCA audits etc. Therefore, you can easily conclude that hiring the services of a popular and reliable fire protection company is a wise step in the direction of making your building fire-proof. You have to keep your building fully-equipped so that it can handle fire in case it strikes and suppress it till the time the local fire fighter service arrives on the scene.

One of the leading fire service companies in Sydney has the right team, vast knowledge, and rich experience to offer different types of fire fighting equipment to homeowners and commercial building owners at a reasonable cost. This company enjoys a good reputation throughout Sydney due to its professional and fair fire safety services.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Have You Inspected Your Fire Extinguisher This Week?

The threat of fire is never far away. It can occur anywhere, anytime and this destructive force of nature can destroy even the most tallest of buildings within minutes. But you cannot afford to leave everything to chance when it comes to protecting yourself and your beautiful home from fire. At least you can purchase couple of fire extinguishers to deal with any unwarranted situation caused by the fire. You can also install fire sprinkler systems Sydney for more peace of mind even when you're not at home.

That said, fire extinguishers are the minimum fire safety requirement for every home. It has been noticed that many homeowners buy it, install it and then forget it because thankfully they didn't have to use it. That is fine enough but you can't afford to ignore it for a long period of time because you need to inspect it regularly to ensure that it is working perfectly fine. You don't want a misfiring fire extinguisher when you're surrounded by the flames, do you? Fire extinguisher inspection should be best left to experts because its intricacies are too subtle to be understood by a layman. However, it doesn't hurt if a building manager or owner inspect their fire extinguishers by themselves in between the visits.

Visual checks are important to stay compliant. Check your fire extinguisher at least once a week to ensure that it's working fine. The chances are that if you do miss out one day in a week, that could be the day when the fire inspector stops by and discovers that your extinguisher has developed some kind of snag. It is suggested that you save everyone a headache and perform a weekly inspection between the visits by a fire maintenance service provider. It will be useful keep a notebook hand, and record any observations that you might notice so that whenever a professional fire maintenance service company arrives at your doorstep, you can hand over the recorded observations to them for their knowledge.

For inspection, it is suggested that you only choose a well-established and reputable fire protection company for reliable and credible inspection of your fire extinguisher.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Is Your Building Fire Safe?

The old-fashioned fire escape is just not enough as a precautionary measure when a certain part of your building is on fire. Generally, residential buildings have handful of fire extinguishers placed at strategic locations to protect the building as well as its occupants from the threat of fire. These extinguishers might be handy in cases of small fire, but when the fire is big these fire extinguishers will not stand much of a chance. That is when you realize the importance of hiring a well-established fire safety Sydney service provider for preparing and implementing an effective fire prevention and safety plan to face such dangerous situation with iron fist.

There is so much that a leading fire protection services provider company has to offer to residential and commercial building occupants. It visits your building site and inspects and assesses its current fire safety arrangements. It will spot weak links in the existing fire safety arranngements and offer a detailed solution that would help in making the building fire-proof. There are many passive techniques that are offered by fire protection services providers to building owners to keep it safe and secured as much as possible from the threat of fire. There are many measures taken to prevent or restrict fire to a certain area until the local fire fighter service arrives on the spot to eliminate it full from that area.

Fire doors, fire sprinklers, evacuation systems, fire detection and alarms, vesda systems, fire extinguishers etc, are some safety features that can be installed in your building to make it fire-proof. In addition to offering inspection, installation, and maintenance of fire safety systems and devices, a well-established fire protection agency also prepares annual fire safety statement for building owners to verify to local authorities that the particular building complies with all fire safety norms.

You can contact an experienced and credible fire protection agency to inspect your building's current fire protection arrangements and point out any imperfections and flaws. You can also hire them for carrying out routine maintenance of your building's fire safety system to ensure that it works perfectly fine in case the fire strikes.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Why Home Fire Drill Is Important To You and Your Family

Imagine a situation when fire breaks out in your home or building, though you would dread to face such a situation it is all about planning for unforeseen incidents. The question here is that would you and your family members know what exactly to do and where to go in such a scenario? The simple answer for most families would be a straightforward 'no'. It has been noticed that a large number of families do not deem it necessary to put a home fire drill in place by a reliable Automatic Fire Protection Sydney so that they know what they are supposed to do to face such threatening situation.
Automatic Fire Protection Sydney

You and your family members can only know what to do in event of a fire only if you have home fire drills regularly. There are couple of strong reasons for it which are mentioned below. Read on to know how having fire drills can prove very useful for you when and if the real thing happens.

Your Kids Will Know Where To Go For Safety In Event of Fire

Firstly, a home fire drill will educate your kids about where to go to for safety in case a fire ever takes place. Usually, the first reaction of kids to home fires is to rush to nearest exit, but that may not always be the best escape route to use. During a home fire drill, different scenarios are created so that your kids can know how to get out of home safely through appropriate escape routes.

Your Kids Can Ask Questions They Might Have

Your kids and even your spouse might be having so many unanswered questions which they can ask to the staff of Automatic Fire Protection Sydney. Their queries will be answered properly so that they have a complete knowledge of what to do in event of any fire taking place. It is best to not to let any questions lingering in the minds of your kids.

You'll Be Reminded to Check Your Fire Alarms

It can be very easy to forget checking of fire alarms, but fire protection drill team will remind you to check them regularly to see if they are working or not.